Introduction of Share Mortgage Scheme

  • Joining Phillip Share Mortgage Scheme, customer can purchase stocks from a designated stock list at market price by just deposit 30% of the value of the intended stock (minimum HK$30,000). The remaining 70% of the investment amount will be financed by Phillip. Interest rate of this scheme is fixed rate. There is 1% one-off handling fee (base on investment amount). 

Benefits of the plan

  • 12 and 24 installment period available

    12 months, 24 months and First-month Payment Holiday with Interest Free (for option assign only) are available under this scheme.

  • Relatively fixed Interest Rate(Prime-rate formula)

    Under this scheme, the interest rate for the 12 months installment is 5.88 % p.a.*. The interest rate for First-month Payment Holiday with Interest Free is 6.38% **. THe intereset rate for 24 months installment period is 6.88 %*** p.a.

    *P refers to Hong Kong Dollar Prime rate of Standard Chartered Bank, which is 5.625% on 7 November 2022.

    *P +0.255 p.a. (While "P" = 5.625% p.a.)

    **P +0.755% p.a. (While "P" = 5.625% p.a.)

    ***P + 1.255% p.a. (While "P" = 5.625% p.a.)
    In each new Share Mortgage contract, “P”  refers to Prime rate of Standard Chartered Bank on draw down day.

  • Mortgaging Existing Stocks

    Client may mortgage existing stocks by transferring his/ her existing stocks in Master Account to Sub Account as collateral under the Scheme. The company will draw down up to 70% market value of the stock from Sub Account to Master Account.

  • Brokerage fee waiver

    Customer joining this scheme can enjoy brokerage fee waiver for both buy or sell order. It may help to increase client’s investment return.

  • Entitled to receive dividend

    Customers are entitled to receive the dividend from the shares purchase.

  • A various choices of stock

    Stocks with margin ratio 60% or above are available for this scheme. Customers have a wide range of choices.

  • Scheme stop any time without additional charges

    Client can repay the outstanding and terminate the scheme without any additional charges.

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