Personal information and collection statement pertaining to recruitment


  1. The personal data collected in the "Application for Employment" will be used by the Phillip Securities (HK) Ltd to assess your suitability to take up the position for which you have applied and to determine preliminary remuneration and benefits package if you are selected for the position.
    輝立証券(香港)有限公司在 [職位申請表] 內所收集的個人資料, 是用於評估閣下是否適合擔任所申請的職位。 此外, 若閣下獲聘出任該職位時, 作為考慮給予薪酬及福利的指標。
  2. The data that you have provided for the purpose of employment may be passed to other department(s) for further consideration.
    閣下所提供的職位申請資料, 將會轉移到有關部門進行評選。
  3. The item marked with (*) on the application form is regarded as mandatory for selection and identification purposes. Your application will not be proceed further if you fail to provide these data.
    申請表中有 (*) 號的項目是必須填寫, 目的在於挑選合適者及識別申請人。 若未能提供此等資料, 閣下的申請將不能作進一步的處理。

    The item marked with (#) on the application form is required to complete after you have accepted the offer of employment.
    當閣下受聘時, 閣下需要填寫申請表中有 (#) 號的項目。
  4. The data that you have submitted will be treated as strict confidence and will not be returned to the applicant. It is our policy to retain the personal data of unsuccessful applicants for a period no longer than a year. If there is a vacancy in the company during that period, your data may be transferred to other department(s) for further consideration.
    閣下所提供的資料將會視作機密文件處理, 此等資料將不會發還。 本公司將會保留求職者的資料為期不多於一年。 若日後有其他職位空缺; 閣下所提供的職位申請資料, 將會轉移到有關部門進行評選。
  5. If you need to access and to correct your personal data in relation to your application, please make your request to the Personnel & Administration Officer at 11/F., United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong.
    若閣下需要查閱及更改所填報的資料, 請致函到香港金鐘道95號統一中心11字樓人事及行政主任收。
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